What’s in my Work/Gym Bag?

As many of you know, I am a personal trainer that travels to people’s houses. In my “going on” 6 years of training, I have mainly worked at gyms.

Finding HomeFit Consulting has been not only a blessing but the best training job I have ever had. I love what I do, and being able to go to people to help them with their needs, wants, and goals, is a dream!

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As a traveling trainer, some/most days, you are out and about, traveling from one spot to another, and you are on the road a good bit. Although it took me a hot minute to learn, I finally found me the perfect work bag that can also go as a gym bag. Some days I am going straight from a client to the gym in the afternoons, so it’s great to have a good bag and have it full of all the necessities.

Today, I am sharing with you what you will typically find in my work/gym bag.

Some days I will have some clothes or my new grips in my bag for the gym, and other days it’s just in the seat of my car. What I am sharing today are the things I like to keep in my bag day in and day out.

As a traveling trainer, I travel with my fitness equipment for clients. Some clients have equipment and I may not need to carry much inside their homes, but I always have things on me. I like to throw some of my resistance bands in my bag (with no handles) to have convenient. I also use these to leave for some clients if I give them homework to do! 🙂

Another thing I keep is my measuring tape. With new clients and their initial session, I not only get to know the person and their goals, but I will take measurements too for a starting point. So i always keep this in my bag!

I’ve also learned to keep a snack in my bag, because you never know when hunger strikes! I don’t always remember or am prepared with bringing my own lunch if I know I will need it, so having a good snack option or two is key to healthier options while traveling.

I like to keep some essential toiletries, if you will, in my bag: deodorant, face wipes, and freshening wipes (These from Kleenex brand are great!). Whether or not I am coming from a workout, it’s been a long day, a hot day, or I just feel gross, I love to have these things on hand in case I need them. You can never go wrong with these basics.

Some other little things I like to have in my bag: Aleve medicine, small bottle of scope, lip balm, neosporin, a hair brush, chewing gum/mints, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer for after I train people.


My day to day planner, a lint roller, an extra headband, bobby pins, and my earphones, are all other items normally in my bag.


I’ll end all this talking a little about the bag I use. I got this from Fabletics (post coming soon on them!). I came across it, wanting a good quality bag, but nothing too big or bulky. I wanted something casual + sleek, and this popped out at me. It’s got 2 straps on the back to be used as a backpack. These are handy when I am carrying in equipment and need my bag with me. It’s also got a few extra compartments and storage spots I love for the little things I keep in my bag.

I find all the items listed above are things that work for me, are useful, practical, and keeps me prepared.

Questions for you!

-Do you have a work or gym bag you always have?

-If so, what is one or two items that are a MUST have at all times?