What Crossfit Has Taught Me So Far

Hello, friends!

I hope you had a nice and restful weekend! I know for some it has been busy getting ready for those spring break trips! While you are on vacay, I’ll be here…working. 😀

Today I thought I would share with you a post I am super excited about:

This week marks 2 months of me doing CrossFit at a local gym and I have fallen in LOVE with it.

Coming from a history of running and spin classes throughout college (and a little after), plus going into a phase of a serious fitness funk, crossfit came at the perfect time!

There’s been some changes in my life lately, and my fitness routine is one of them. When I started crossfit at the end of January, I had been coming out of a toxic situation, I was anxious so much, stressed out, frustrated, upset at myself, and honestly embarrassed about some things.

I can say now I have never been happier with the way life is going right now! Several things have contributed to this, but one of them is definitely crossfit.

Things Crossfit Has Taught Me So Far:

1.I am stronger than I think.

Going into Crossfit for the first time, I knew I had a history of strength training, HIIT, and other things, but I truly didn’t know what my strength was. I thought I didn’t have much at all and wouldn’t be able to do many of the moves or keep up with other people.

Within the first week, I was already surprising myself with what I could do. Even if I was the only one there using the lightest weight, I was still doing things I never thought I could do, and that excited me. It gave me something to work toward, but knowing I was stronger than I originally thought I was made me realize that I can get through anything…in the gym and in life.

I did a whole post on how you are stronger than you think…check it out HERE.

2.Friendships are special + people come into your life at the right moments

The friendships I have already made in my 2 months at the gym, and the community of amazing people that surround me are incredible. A few months ago I would have never thought I’d be able to make new friends that would become close…and basically family…but here I am loving any chance I get to be around them.

When you are surrounded by people who love, encourage, and uplift you daily, you want nothing more than to continue to be around those people. Ain’t nobody got time for toxic, negative people!

3.Do NOT compare your chapter 1 to someone’s chapter 20.

I can get into a bad habit of comparison,  and not just when it comes to fitness. (Read my comparison post. HERE )

I learned real quick that the gym, especially when it comes to crossfit, is NOT the place to compare myself to others. Everyone starts at different times, some only come a few days a week, some come everyday, some even twice a day, and others have been doing crossfit a lot longer than my 2 months!!

Sometimes I catch myself thinking “I should be able to do this”, or, “why can’t I get this move down, or lift this weight? So-and-so can do it!” But this is such a mind trap and it gets me down and diappointed when I fall for it.

This is when I have to turn my thinking around and look on what I CAN do, and on the things I have been able to accomplish, or even finish, despite if it’s modified or at a lower weight. Things like this take time, work, and effort…but boy I am motivated to get better everyday!

4.If you want it, work for it!

There are a LOT of things I have yet to master at the gym, and weight lifting movements I still have to work on with form and technique, but something else I have learned is that if there is something you want or a goal you want to reach, you must work for it. You must put the time, energy, and effort into it in order to achieve it.

There are SO many things I am wanting to work on and improve over this next year, and I am ready and willing to put in the work. I love fitness, I love seeing how strong I can become and what my body can do, and that’s my motivation. I want to be a better and stronger version of myself everyday, both in the gym and outside!


You Are Stronger Than You Think

Happy Wednesday Friends!

This week is starting to fly by, but it’s been a good one I hope!

 I want to talk some with you guys today about feeling discouraged when it comes to your workouts or activities.

We’ve all experienced that dicsouragement and weakness with our sport, workout, or other activities in life at some point. It’s a terrible feeling because you feel like you are not able (and may not ever) be able to get it done, get better, be stronger, faster, etc.

I want you to remember something as you start to experience this:


Just recently I started CrossFit at a local gym. After years of running through college, and really just bouncing back and forth between my own workouts, I really needed a change, something that would challenge me, and a place I could be surrounded by wonderful people. This is it for me. I love it!


After my college years of nothing but cardio (running + spinning) and me being all over the place with what I wanted to do the last couple of years, this Is exactly what I needed.

Every workout is different, challenging, and it pushes me to see my strengths (and what areas i need work on!). I love the push and the challenge. Not to mention, I love having a workout already put together for me! After putting clients workouts together, I enjoy not having to do that for me! 😀

Going into CrossFit, I had no idea what my strength was. I knew I wasn’t as strong as I would like to be, but when it came to any strength move, I had no idea what I could do. Our bodies will be like that. I was even telling myself I’d be keeping light weights for a long time.

On some things, yes, I need to keep the lighter weight right now, but on other moves, I am actually surprising myself on how much I can lift or do.

(Overhead squat w/ 45 pounds. Working on these for sure!)

This move I was doing is a deadlift. I had no idea what I could lift, and so far I’ve gotten up to 150 pounds. I still am surprised I can do it!

We can be SO tough and down on ourselves. That negativity creeps in and you begin to believe when you tell yourself “I’ll never be able to do it”, “I can’t do it”, “I’m not that strong”, etc. We believe these lies. We are capable of WAY more than you think.

For some, it could be them believing they’ll never make it up some stairs again. With work, dedication, and encouragement, I just bet you can get back up those stairs again. God made us into some powerful machines! 😀

I have a looong way to go and to improve in a lot of areas, and I won’t lie, just last night I was super discouraged that I am having to scale (make easier) so many things. I have to remember that I am already surprising myself with things, and I have to take it day at a time.

Be proud of your journey thus far and how far you’ve come since the beginning! Let’s stop being so hard on ourselves. I need to work on it more! But I know how far I’ve come!