Almond Flour Mug Cake

I’ve been making mug cakes for years now If I’m craving something healthy, but sweet.

Most of the time I use protein powder as my flour, and from time to time a mix of gluten free flour with the protein powder.

The other day I tried making a mug cake with just almond flour and no protein powder and I am in LOVE!

This is definitely my favorite mug cake ingredients, and it literally took me around 3 minutes to make…including mixing the ingredients up!


1/4 or 1/3 cup almond flour 

-1 egg

-1/4 tsp baking powder

-pinch of salt

-1 tsp sweetener of choice (I did a couple squeezes of my liquid stevia)

I used this almond flour, which can be found at Costco, or, another kind I love, which you can find here. It’s much more cost savvy when buying in bulk.


1. Spray a coffee mug with nonstick spray.

2. Mix all ingredients together well, and microwave for 1 minute to 1 min and 30 seconds.

(Each microwave is different and may have different wattages. Stick 1 minute first, then check to see if it needs to go longer. If so, stick to 30 sec intervals)

One of my favorite things to top these mug cakes off with is powdered peanut butter. One of my go to brands lately have been PBFit brand. Costco also has been having this brand, but you can also find it here.

The great thing about this basic mug cake recipe, is you can mix and match flavors/spices.

Sprinkle in cinnamon + nutmeg, or even pumpkin pie spice as fall approaches!

Spoon in some cocoa powder to make it chocolate!

I may even try adding a drop or two of essential oils, like Orange or Lemon vitality! 

I ate every last bit of this and will continue to do so every time I make these! 😊

Tabata Tuesday: Legs + Cardio

Haooy Tuesday folks, and welcome to another blog post!

Every Tuesday (or two) I want to do a Tabata Tuesday post for you. I know a lot of us stay super busy day to day, and sometimes things come up that may hinder our fitness routine.

So, what is Tabata??

Tabata: a style of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that usually last around 4 minutes. It requires you to work for 20 seconds and have 10 seconds to rest.

This a GREAT way to keep your heart rate up, get a great workout in, and not use up a lot of your time. You don’t even need equipment!

Today I am giving you 2 tabata workouts that you can do back to back, for a great workout in under 10 minutes, or you can split these up however you like. No equipment is required!

**Tabata #1: CARDIO**

-Set Tabata Timer (Cheap + free apps available) or watch your clock. 

-Do 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, alternating between 2 moves given. (Total this should be no more than 4 minutes) 

1. Burpees

Begin in a an upright position. From here, move into a squat position (pic 2) with your hands on the ground. Kick your feet back into a plank position, and bring your whole body to the ground.(pic 3)
Immediately return your feet into squat position, and stand or jump up.

2. High Knees

Stand up straight and place your feet about hip-width apart.
Quickly drive your right knee up to meet your hand, then switch and immediately bring the left knee coming up to meet your left hand.
As you are alternating knees, you want to do it with a hopping motion, staying on the balls of your feet the whole time.

**Tabata #2: LEGS**

1. Single Leg Lunges

Start in an upright position, with one leg out in front, and the other leg slightly behind you. Lower your legs into a lunge, keeping 90 degrees, and stand back up to starting position.

Each time you come to this move, swap legs!

2. Sumo Squat Pulse Jumps

Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and slightly turned out, arms resting To your side or on your hips.
Bend your knees and plié, pulsing and keeping low for 3 counts. Then, jump up explosively, keeping your core engaged. Land with control, lowering your body back into the squat position with pulses.


If if you give this a try, let me know!

Remember, you can modify these moves if you need. Take out any jumps if you have knee issues too! 👍🏻

Thankful for Family + Health

Happy Monday everyone!

i hope you had a wonderful weekend! We are finally into August, which means one thing for me…it’s closet to FALL!! 😀

I am planning some great fall posts, so get ready soon!

This weekend was full of workouts, good eats, and being thankful for family and health.

Last Tuesday night, as many of you may know, we had to call the ambulance for my Dad. He sat up on the side of the couch, said he wasn’t feeling well, and passed out. This was very unusual for him and the ambulance took him on to the hospital.

For 2 days they ran tests on him to rule out all they could. We found out he has a couple of blockages in his heart, one—I know— that was around 60%. What the doctors told us, though, was that they weren’t for sure exactly why he passed out.

After all the tests, they sent him home with an adjustment in his meds, and for him to come back the next week to get a heart monitor. He will go this week to get it and will wear it 30 days.

Mom said the other day she thinks God was giving us a warning about his heart. We had no idea he had that going on. It could have been a lot worse. I truly think it was God letting us know what was going on. Even though we had to take him to the ER and I had to see him in the bed a couple days (I don’t always do well in hospitals), it’s a blessing it wasn’t anything worse. God has a way of showing us things we need to know, even if it comes in more of a wake up call.

We were all glad to have him back home Thursday night. I know he was ready to come back home. He kept saying how bored he was! Haha

I am so thankful for my family, friends, and even more grateful my Dad didn’t go through anything worse.

You don’t always realize how grateful and blessed you are with friends, family, and health until something happens. I think we take it for granted too often.

There are people in my life I love and care for so much. Be sure you tell those important to you how much you love them! You never know when things are going to happen.

Everyday is a gift from the Lord!

My 2 Go-To Smoothie Recipes

I don’t know what it is about summer that makes smoothies taste so good!

Probably the fact they are cool and refreshing. I make them for breakfast and sometimes lunch when I’m in a smoothie mood. I’m not very fancy with my smoothies very often. I’m a simple girl when it comes to these.

I also reach for whatever is usually around the house, and that means I always have frozen blueberries, bananas, and sometimes strawberries.

So today, I wanted to share with you my 2 favorite go-to smoothie recipes!

smoothie #1

I combine frozen blueberries, a banana, almond milk, and protein powder into my blender. I alternate the kind of protein powder I use.

Sunwarrior Protein– you can find it here. You can also find it at Vitamin Shoppe and some GNCs.

Tone it Up protein– you can find it at Target stores!

**TIP- when blending frozen fruit, I always place it first in blender and pour my almond milk over it and let it sit a minute. Still keeps it frozen but still easy to blend!

From time to time I’ll add a tablespoon of peanut butter in for a little extra. It makes it more like a pb + j smoothie!

Smoothie #2

This one is a little more simple, but just as tasty and a great way to sneak some greens in!

I combine frozen banana, a couple dates, almond milk, vanilla protein powder, and spinach.

I never taste the spinach, since the banana and vanilla protein powder are stronger tasting, so it’s perfect!


The good thing with smoothies is there are so many options! Play around with different fruits and protein powders (if that’s your thing), and see what you like!

These are my go-to smoothies and they never disappoint me! 🙂

The Rock With A Smile On Its Face

Yesterday, I was at a coffee shop, The Neighborhood Brew, doing some blog work in between clients. I went to the restroom and found a little yellow painted rock smiling at me on one of the decorative shelves they had.

Could it be that I came across one of the painted rocks I had heard so much about in the recent past? I had heard of people finding painted rocks in places, and you can choose to keep them or hide them again for someone else.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what Gods will is-His good, pleasing and perfect will.”-Romans 12:2

I flipped it over and sure enough it was one of those rocks! I noticed it had told me to use the hashtag #the.WellHouse, and saw where they had a website. I had never heard of them before so I was curious to know more.

The Well House, located in Odenville, Alabama, provides a safe place to women, offering them a combination of spiritual, mental, emotional, and even physical support services. They welcome all the women/girls who have been sexually exploited through human trafficking.

I know human trafficking is one of those things going on all the time, and right under all our noses. It breaks my heart when I hear about girls who’ve been involved with this.

The Well House mission, taken directly from their website, is:

“We exist to honor God by rescuing and providing opportunities for restoration to female victims of human trafficking who have been sexually exploited.”

I think it’s great the people at The Well House take in these girls, providing a safe place and support in order to get them back out there in life.

If you want to visit their website to learn more, contact, or donate, click here.

I think I’ll hide this little gem again for the next person to find it.

Lower Body Resistance Band Workout

‘Tis the season for shorts, skirts, and swimsuits! Which means showing off more than just your arms…your legs too!

This workout only requires one piece of equipment: loop resistance band.

These resistance bands are easy to find and very affordable! You can find them at Walmart, Target, most sporting goods stores, and amazon.

Most come in a pack of 2-3, at different levels of resistance, so you can always swap out bands at any time.

Now on to the workout!

Lower Body Resistance Band Workout

***Do 12-15 reps of each move (each leg when required)***

***Go through moves 2-3 times.***

1. Banded Squat.

Place band right above knees, lower down into a squat, keeping pressure/tension on the band. Return to starting position.

2. Inner Thigh Crossovers

Lower resistance band around ankles, and cross over one leg in front of the other, slightly at an angle, so you feel your inner thigh muscles being activated. Do a set on one side + swap to other side.

3. Glute Kickbacks

With band around ankles, Lift leg back behind you to work your gluteus and hamstrings. Do a set on one leg, then swap to other leg.

4. Banded Side Steps

Side step side to side, keeping constant tension on the band. Great move for working quads and thighs!

5. Banded Bridge w/ Upright Clamshell

Lying on your back with resistance band above knees, lift hips up in the air (pushing up with your heels) to make a straight line. In the “up” position of the bridge, take both legs out to the side for a “clamshell”. Return legs to center and lower back down to ground.

This workout is good because you can adjust the resistance on your band for whatever level you are at. Plus, it can be done anywhere, even while traveling!

Let me know if you try this workout! 😀

Weekend Eats + Yard Sale Finds

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty relaxing and enjoyable.

Saturday started out with coffee and a client, then Dad and I headed out to some yard sales.

I was looking for some chairs to go with a kitchen table I got from a client. I’m moving in September and only need a couple things.

No luck with chairs, but I did find couch pillows ($5 for both) and this neat wooden board with hooks on them.

I also snagged some Halloween decor, sheet music, and a hot pad + oven mitt.

Id say it was still successful!

when we got back I fixed some lunch. Ground turkey + Daiya cheddar cheese over a bed of spinach and topped with guacamole. I Drank a Mountain Zevia with it. It tastes pretty spot on to a Diet Mt. Dew! I’m going to have a post on this drink later this week which will include nutrition info, Zevias mission, and a no sugar challenge!

I also enjoyed a little bit of my Enlightened Butter Pecan ice cream.

That afternoon I Visited my Granny for a bit, and headed over to a friends house that I’m dog/house sitting for this week.

Austin came over before work and cooked some eggs for us for dinner. He’s been dying to cook them for me!

I had mine over spinach and topped with goat cheese. My eggs never taste as good as how he made them! No lie! 🙂

Dark Mint Chocolate was enjoyed after dinner, and Austin and I watched Get Smart while sipping coffee.

Sunday morning was filled with coffee+ Riverdale before church. I’m flying through these episodes!! So glad they are on Netflix.

Lunch was the EXACT same as the day before: ground turkey, Daiya cheese, + guacamole all over a bed of spinach.

After I ate, I laid down a bit in hope of a nap (I didn’t sleep good the night before), but no luck. So I whipped up a quick dip that consisted of sugar free cool whip, natural peanut butter, and dark chocolate chips. I spread it out over a piece of multigrain/flax bread.

Even the basic combo of cool whip and peanut butter is amazing on bread, rice cakes, or as a fruit dip! 🙂

I did some blog work and scheduling of my clients before the week and headed back over to the lady’s house I’m dog/house sitting for.

He is a Springer Spaniel and he is so beautiful!

Didnt cook dinner last night, so Austin and I grabbed Zaxbys for food. I usually get a salad if I go, with the grilled chicken. I couldn’t finish this, it was so much!

I have a busy first half of my day today, but am looking forward to this new week! 🙂

Stars + Stripes Workout

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a workout with you guys!

Most people probably have plans tomorrow to be at the beach, the lake, swimming pool, or lots of family time. If you want to sneak in a quick little workout and you have 15 minutes, this workout is for you!

No equipment necessary and you can be done in no time having worked upper body, lower body, abs, and some cardio!

Stars + Stripes workout 

**Beginner: 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest

**Intermediate: 45 seconds work, 15 rest

**Advanced: 1 min work, 20 seconds rest

1. Freedom Jacks

The classic jumping jack we all probably first learned in P.E. But still a great lower impact cardio move to still get our heart rate up! Be sure your arms come all the way up. You want full range of motion to get the most out of this move!

2. Bottle Rocket Jump Squats

Jump squats are a fantastic way to work legs, sneak in some core, and get that heart rate up again! If you are a beginner or have knee troubles, eliminate the jumps and just do regular squats.

3. Patriotic Pushups

Youll be amazed at how much pushups work your body! Pushups work chest, triceps, shoulders, and even core. If you are a beginner on these, you can do them off a wall, chair, or get on your knees.

4.Star Crunches

I love ab moves that work upper and lower abs at the same time. Start with legs and arms extended out, then using core, bring yourself up to a V crunch, and return to starting position.

Modification: crunch or sit up.

As as mentioned above, you can modify moves, and change up your work time. 2-3 rounds and you are done!

I hope you all have a happy and safe 4th of July! 🙂

Reset + Recharge

Happy Monday + Happy July to you all!

I cannot believe this year is already half over, can you? So much has happened since January, but every month that comes in 2018 has been nothing but happiness and positive outlook to the future.

Today’s post will be pretty short + sweet, but something I wanted to share with you guys.

Leading up to my beach trip last month, I was looking forward to a rest + reset period. That is just what I got and needed. Those next few weeks I think I averaged 1 post per week on my blog. Even though my body rested, I really needed a little longer of a rest + recharge period for my posts.

We all get discouraged about things in life, and I ALWAYS have my moments when I get down and discouraged about my blogging.

A lot of people don’t understand just how much time and work goes into putting together + typing up blog posts. I love love love blogging, but sometimes my hard work seems like it isn’t getting me anywhere, or maybe a lot of people don’t read some of my posts. It’s in those moments I may think about quitting, but I love what I do and I know it reaches out to people…that’s what keeps me going…YOU.

Every time I take a break, or slow down drastically with blogging, is going to be because I need a little reset. I put a of of thought into what I want to post about, even if it’s a workout (one will be posted tomorrow!!).

When I have those times, I always come back ready to go with a positive attitude to get back into it.

This “reset + recharge” concept is good for anyone and everyone. It’s important for our health to take some time off, whether that is from work, school, and even social media.

So, now that I back + ready to go again, get ready for some great posts coming your way.

Remember to give yourself a “reset + recharge” time. If you feel yourself being overworked, anxious, stressed, trouble sleeping, and just go go go ALL the time, be sure you give yourself that. It will benefit you physically + mentally. you’ll be glad you did! 😀

5 Minute Ab Workout

Hey everybody!

With summer just about here, and everyone planning vacations, a common thing I hear is people wanting a flat stomach and/or abs.

 Sure, while a lot of us wants that flat stomach, or nice toned abs, we need to focus more on having a strong and healthy core. Just because you do not have a six pack does not mean anything else about your core!

 It is important in our every day lives to work on having a strong core for functionality. The good thing about this, is you do not have to spend a lot of time with certain movements. Of course, it is more nutrition than it is exercising. Have you heard “abs are made in the kitchen?”

It’s true! The food you eat outweighs the exercise, especially when it comes to your core. Naturally, it never hurts to work on strengthening it. So, today I have you an ab workout that you can do in just five minutes.

5 Minute Ab Workout

-set a timer/stopwatch.

**beginner: 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest

**intermediate: 45 seconds work, 15 seconds rest

**advanced: 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

1. Spider-Mans 

Start in a push-up position. Take one knee and bring it up toward the elbow on the same side. Return leg to starting position, and do other side.

2. Plank up + downs

 Starting again and a push-up position, lower yourself down to a forearm plank. One arm at a time, push yourself back up, arms right below shoulders, back into a push-up position.

3. Leg Lowers

 Lying on your back, with hands slightly under  glutes, start with both legs straight up in the air, lower down to where it is hovering above the ground, and raise back up to starting position.

4. Scissors

 Start in the same position as leg lowers, but this time lower one leg at a time, with a scissor effect. Alternate legs.

5. Toe Reaches

 Lying on your back legs straight up in the air, take your hands and crunch up, reaching for your toes. Return back to starting position.


 Repeat this if you want a little more.  This is a great workout with no equipment, and one you can do just about anywhere!