Total Body Blast

Happy Sunday!

Fall is finally here in Alabama! 🍁🍁 Although we have a couple of warmer days at the start of the week, we are starting to stick to the cooler temps!

Today im sharing with you another workout that gets your whole body worked: legs, arms, core, and even gets your heart rate up with bursts of cardio!

This is another good workout you can do almost anywhere, and all you need is a pair of dumbbells.

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**Do each circuit 2-3 times through, with 1 min rest in between.**

**CIRCUIT #1**

Lunge Passunders

Starting in a standing position, lunge forward, passing a dumbbell under your leg to you other hand.

Come back to standing position, lunge forward with other leg, and pass dumbbell back under.

Arnold Press

Starting with both dumbbells in front, rotate arms out to the side, keeping elbows bent at 90 degrees. From there, press dumbbells straight up above head. Bring dumbbells back down, and rotate arms back in to starting position.


Starting in a pushup position, bring one leg up toward your elbow on the same side. Take leg back to start and repeat on other side.

—> Cardio Burst: 30 seconds Jumping Jacks

**CIRCUIT #2**

Narrow Squat to Calf Raise

Standing with feet together, come down into a narrow squat. Coming back up, stand straight into a calf raise. Repeat.

Double Curl

Starting with dumbbells together, come up into a hammer curl. Once back down, rotate out to the side, and come up into a wide curl. Each curl counts as 1 repetition.

Russian Twists

Starting in a seated position, with ankles crossed, lean back some and rotate/twist the dumbbell from one side to the other, focusing on aiming for the hips.

—> Cardio Burst: 30 seconds butt kicks

**Circuit #3**


Starting in a standing position with dumbbells in front of you, hinge forward until dumbbells get just at or below your knees. Stand back up, keeping back flat. Repeat.

Overhead Tricep Extension

Starting with either one or both dumbbells above your head, use only elbows to bend and bring weight back behind your head. Raise back up to starting position.

-Leg Lowers

Lying flat on your back, with hand underneath tailbone for support, take both legs from the “up” position, and lower down almost to the floor. Lift your legs back up before they completely hit the floor…you want to keep core engaged the whole time.

—> Cardio Burst: 30 seconds Toe Taps (use dumbbell…or a step) to tap.

This workout will take you a little longer than 15-20 minutes, but if you’re in need of a shorter workout, and one that requires NO equipment, check out this Tabata Workout that focuses on legs and cardio.

I plan to post more Short, HIIT workouts that will focus on other body parts too, so check out those soon!

Questions for you?

Do you plan to try this workout? If so, let me know how it goes?

Are you a gym person or do you prefer to workout at home?

We Get Credit For Trying, Even If We Don’t Succeed

Happy Monday friends!

Has there ever been something you wanted to be able to do? A dream or goal you wanted to achieve?

Have you ever tried and failed at any of these?

If you answered yes, then you are just like the thousands of other people who have tried their hand at something and did not succeed overnight. We are human and not perfect.

The good news is, we still get credit for trying, even if we don’t succeed right away, or at all.

You know how many things I have tried since starting Crossfit in January that I still can’t get? Do you know how many things I can accomplish now, after my many attempts + efforts?

When I first started Crossfit, I was trying, learning, and attempting all the moves. It was a new side of fitness for me. Over the months, I’ve been able to achieve things I never thought I’d be able to do, and I even competed in my first Crossfit competition in August. (My team got 2nd place!)

Have my failed attempts at a PR or mastering a move got me down? OH YES. There are many days I get discouraged because I can’t seem to be fast enough, nail a move, or hit a PR. But I have to start reminding myself that I still get credit for trying! I’ve come a long way since January.

I can finally hit 130 pounds on a squat clean!

If you asked me 6 months, even one month ago, that i’d be able to clean 130 pounds, I would not have believed you.

My attempts and efforts pay off in due time! I just need to know I still get credit for trying, even when I don’t get something down or accomplished.

This goes for more than fitness, of course, but it’s my good go to examples.

For me, I have major goals for this blog and it’s future. Will I have failed attempts on my way there? Of course I will! It’s part of it, and I know I won’t succeed overnight. A lot of people don’t realize just how much work a blog is. I love it though, and I have goals!

Whatever your goals and dreams are, remember you get credit for trying…even when you don’t succeed! Things won’t happen immediately or overnight, but if you keep your goal in sight, and put forth effort, time, and the passion you have for it…you will succeed! 😊

Lessons on Body Image by Regina George

Today is October 3rd.

On Wednesdays we wear pink.”

Today is basically Mean Girls Day!

If you haven’t seen this movie…then I don’t know where you’ve been… haha

This movie follows Katy, Lindsey Lohan, through her high school journey after moving to the states after growing up in Africa with her parents. Of course, along the way, she finds the struggles of high school: fitting in, social groups, bullying, body issues, etc.

I love the movie, and it’s packed full of comedy and memorable lines, but I got to thinking how many references there are to body image. It got me thinking, while this is true for high school, it’s also a truth for any age…even adults like me.

Lessons on Body Image by Regina George 

(all pictures contain embedded links to original source)

I want to lose 3 pounds”.

How many times do you tell yourself, or hear someone else, say they want to lose X number of pounds?? It’s almost become a normal thing to bring this up in a conversation. Sure, some people may actually need to for health reasons… but those of us who are healthy or stay active? We should check ourselves.

I can’t go to Taco Bell. I’m on all carb diet. God, Karen, you’re so stupid!”

What a hilarious line, but this is something you also hear quite often…or least something similar. Maybe you hear, “I can’t go there, I’m on a low carb diet”, or, “I’m on Keto so I can’t eat what they serve”.

Sure, there are all kinds of eating lifestyles out there, and you have to do what works for YOU! But if it gets to a point where you feel guilty for going out and enjoying time with family and friends…you may want to rethink your priorities.

We only carry sizes one, three, and five. You could try Sears.”

The horrifying moment Regina George can no longer fit in the small sizes.

To think there was a time I could fit into a 0, or even 00, disgusts me! After my eating disorder, I had a hard time adjusting to my clothes size getting bigger. No, i wasn’t getting fat…I was just gaining some healthy weight back on me that I needed. It was an adjustment yes, and I’ve come a long way since those years.

Would I like to fit back into a 0, 1/2? Sure!

Would I rather be strong and healthy? YES.

Whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.

How many of us have gone on a “diet” at some point, only to find ourselves saying, “ah, forget it”, and reach for the fast food or sweets?

Most of us have, I, sure.

When you are restricting, or telling yourself you can’t have certain foods, it only makes you want those foods more. Tell me I can’t have ice cream? Eventually I’m going to give in and want it, even possibly eat too much, because I was told I could not.

This is where learning balance comes into play. Sure, we can eat healthy, exercise, etc., but we need some healthy balance in our lives where we still get to enjoy some of the foods we love… but in moderation!

But you’re, like, really pretty…So you agree, you think you’re really pretty?” 

At the end of the day, we should be happy and confident with ourselves, where we are at, and who we are. Not all of us are, I know, but it’s something even I myself struggle with and work on every day.

I definitely don’t think I’m pretty most days, and sure, I have fitness/body goals, but I’m still me at the end of the day. A creation of God made in His Image…and so are you. ❤️


October Goals/Intentions

Happy Monday and please join me in welcoming October!!

I am SO excited October is finally here! Cue the pumpkin patches, apple + pumpkin spice things, scary movies, and Halloween!

I sat down the other day and made a list of my goals + intentions for the new month, and I wanted to share them with you guys.

**Health + Fitness**

1. Follow a more (mostly) Paleo eating lifestyle. 

With everything that’s taken place and all the busy day to day activities throughout September, I am in desperate need to get back on track. At least I feel that way! I still plan on enjoying foods I love, of course…balance. I just want to go back to a Whole Foods mindset sprinkled in with some of the foods I love.

If you have little, or no, time to prep food for the week, check out MealFit. They are an amazing company, and you can order meals online where they will have them ready for you to pick up at a gym near you every Monday. The food is prepared…all you have to do is enjoy! Check out my post here, all about MealFit.

2. Make it a priority to stretch + foam roll more before workouts.

Over the last couple of months I’ve noticed more stiffness and slight pain in my knees if I sit in a cross legged position, or sit with one leg under the other. In most cases, I sit like this when I blog or watch tv. It doesn’t even take that long before they feel that way.

My friend Holly, from the gym, said that it may be where my IT band meets my lateral meniscus. As soon as she said IT band, I knew that’s probably what it was. I am terrible at foam rolling it out, and it gets tight easy.

For those that don’t know, The IT band is a multi purpose tendon that runs down the length of your outer thigh, from the pelvis to the tibia.

Out all my muscles, tendons, and body parts, the IT band gets neglected the most. I know better…

My goal (along with icing my knees some—per Holly’s orders), is to stretch more, and particularly foam roll My IT band out before I workout.

—> For a great stretching routine, check out my previous post, here.


3. Get back to NOT comparing myself to others so much.

I’ve fallen back into the comparison game lately, and that negative mindset has been creeping back in, too. My goal this month (and to continue on) is to remind myself how far I’ve come (in all areas…not just fitness/appearance), and to let that be what keeps me going.

I have come a LONG way since this time last year, and I am happier, stronger, and overall healthier than I have ever been.

The comparison game is a terrible trap. When it starts back up, I just know if I don’t try to stop it then, it gets worse. It only brings me down and I lose sight of how far I’ve come.

4. Worry less, and enjoy more.

Sometimes I’m bad at getting upset or stressed over little things…or the things I have no control over. For example, I can’t stand being the last one to finish in a workout. It makes me feel defeated, and the last time I was last, I wanted to quit. I was upset, and I ended up crying. It was pathetic and very embarrassing quite honestly…

I had people right there encouraging me and pushing me to finish, but I was still so upset. That whole week was just tough on me mentally, but I let that get to me so much the rest of the night that I couldn’t relax.

From here to the end of December/January 1st, is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year. I especially don’t want to be getting upset over things that I shouldn’t be getting upset over, because I want to soak up and enjoy every bit I can of the remaining year.

Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years…I’m in love with it all. There’s no need for anything petty to get me down. <3

Walmart Pickup Grocery Haul

Hiya, friends!

Ive been patiently awaiting the internet at my new apartment, so I’m a little late getting a post up for you guys.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and were able to spend it with friends and family. Friday was spent up at the hospital for Austin’s Dad’s bypass surgery. Everything went SO good and the recovery process has begun. Day by day!

Saturday was…MOVE IN day!

I haven’t finished putting everything up and/or decorating, and I don’t have all my furniture yet, so those pictures will be coming soon.

The apartment has much more space than I first anticipated. Moving in was my first time to be able to see it. And one of the things I love is that my patio doesn’t face the parking lot…so I can sit out, drink coffee, and see some nature! 😀

The first official fall decor is up! <3

So before I get into this official grocery haul, I want to highlight how much I love the grocery pick up option at Walmart.

At my old apartment, I took advantage of this free grocery pickup quite often. It’s so convenient with my schedule sometimes, even though I’m one who loves to physically grocery shop! Like, for real, you could pay me to buy your groceries and I’d be happy about it! 😊

After moving in, I scheduled a grocery pickup for Sunday around noon. I knew I was going to already have some food that I took with me Saturday, but knew I wouldn’t feel up to going up and down aisles for groceries. Moving is a whole other workout level sometimes!

All you do is go on the Walmart Grocery App, pick your Walmart location, set a pickup time, and you can get to ordering your groceries.

You have to have a $30 minimum, but if you’re getting things you need, it should be no problem getting there! 😊

They make it easy to shop by category, so if you know exactly what you need, or are looking for a specific product, you can go to that catoegory to make it quicker. This goes for non grocery pick up orders as well.

I also love the option where they show you what you’ve ordered in the past and make it easy to order past items. If you ordered a lot of similar items, this comes in handy!

I spent a little over $60 and got all of this!

Questions for you:

Have you ever used the Walmart Grocery pickup option before?

What’s one of your go-to grocery items you purchase almost every time?

Let’s Breakdown Our Health

Happy Humpday everyone!

What a week it has been already…

As many may know, my boyfriend’s (Austin) dad has been in the hospital. What started out as double pneaumonia turned into needing triple bypass surgery.

So I’ve been helping out, running back and forth to hospital, work stuff in between, and trying to fit in more packing for the move Saturday.

Needles to say, a lot of us are physcially, emotionally, and mentally tired.

This got me thinking about the breakdown of our health.

We have 3 main categories of health:

– Physical



1. Physical Health 

Our physical health is basically the function of our bodies. It’s our everyday activities, our fitness, and how well our body runs both inside and out.

In a lot of cases, we think we are doing fine, but sometimes there’s a curveball thrown that makes you realize how important our physical health is. You can eat right and exercise, but you still run the risk of getting something or something happening to you. In some instances, it’s genetics and you can’t do anything about it.

Austin’s dad just went in for pneumonia, not realizing what condition his heart was in. But, if it wasn’t for the pneumonia, his heart would have just gotten worse.

It’s still vital for us to eat well and exercise…all while finding a balance. It’s so important for us to take care of ourselves the best we can! Some people may poke fun at me for how I eat sometimes, but there’s a reason I eat the way I do (And yes…I still enjoy pizza and burgers) 😀

2. Mental Health

Our mental health is our psychological + emotional well being. When we have a lot of things going on, when we have stress at work or at home, and you go-go-go a hundred miles and hour, it takes a toll on us mentally…especially with our emotions.

Clear, mental health can be viewed as happy, content, and at peace with where you are. It’s a good place to be in and a place we should all strive to be in.

When you have other things going on, whether it’s work related, family/relationships, health problems, or all of the above, we eventually get to the point of pure exhaustion and have a breakdown.

Some people hold it together really well, but I know for me after a period of time, after bottling it up for so long, I just have to have a good cry session and let things out. That’s good for us too, you know!

3. Spiritual Health 

Our spiritual health, to me, is just as important as the others.


Because with God, all things our possible. He is our source of strength and guidance. He knows what’s best for us. He is our healer. He is always by our side.

I can go on and on with this one. I have to put my faith and trust in Him when things start to pile up in life…or when those lemons are thrown at me. 

Evaluate these areas in your life.

-Are you feeling run down?

-Do you feel like you can never catch a break?

-Do you have days you feel like you have no hope or don’t know who to turn to?

More than just physical, being healthy overall includes our mental/emotional, and spiritual health as well.

Tuesday Thoughts #2

Happy Tuesday and welcome to “Tuesday Thoughts” number 2!

Yesterday I opened up about a fear of mine I am about to take head on. If you missed it, you can read about it here.

I had intentions of starting and following the template yesterday, but a couple things came up, left me in a “tizzy”, and the food I had ready to go with me ended up being left at home. So, I was left to find food while I was out and it may have been a little off.

This is why if you FAIL to PLAN, you PLAN to FAIL. I should’ve kept the food I had prepped for me, but because my emotions were all over the place, I purposely left them.

So….we are back on it today!

Tuesday Thoughts #2

1. I am convinced that besides the power of prayer and God to give you calmness and peace, Stress Away is the next best thing.

I love my oils!

2. I realize I have a slight obsession with fun socks from Target…

I found these fun fall socks at Target yesterday. They were only $2 so I had to snag them!

3. The sermon from Church this Sunday was something I needed to hear.

I went to Church of the Highlands again Sunday with my friend Lauren, and the pastor was wrapping up his series on Prayer. This past Sunday he talked on the names on God, and who He is for us. I absolutely loved being reminded of how many roles God plays in our lives:


-Constant Companion




What a beautiful name it is! So many names in one.

4. God takes us through situations we don’t always understand why, but He has a reason for it, and in HIS time, He makes a way for us to get through it…and in a lot of cases, stronger, happier, and more confident in our faith and who we are.

5. I move in a short weeks and I really got to start packing!!

I really only have one tote packed of clothes…all my fall and winter stuff. My Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving tote is packed, my Christmas tote is still packed, so all that’s left is kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, furniture, Knick knacks…basically everything else! Haha I’ll be busy!

6. Life is what it is sometimes, but I sure am thankful for the people in it: family, gym family, friends, great clients, and of course a guy who loves me for me. <3 

Facing my Fears

Happy Monday, friends!

To start off this week, I wanted to share something with you guys I will be starting on that is a HUGE step outside my comfort zone…

I am starting to follow a template for muscle gain, which means:

1. I’m not following a diet to lose weight like most do (although I have days I seriously want to)🙅🏻‍♀️

2. I am focusing on gaining muscle and continuing to get stronger. 💪🏻

3. I have to eat a lot more food 😭

Some of you may have heard of RP Strength, a.k.a., Renaissance Periodization. 

( pic source: Twitter )

RP Strength is highly known in the fitness community: Crossfit, bodybuilding, figure competitions, and weight loss/muscle gain.

RP Strength gives you the option of choosing a weight/fat loss template, or a muscle gain template. You give them some info about yourself and your goals, and they give you a detailed template to follow.

Before I go on anymore, I am not telling you to buy this template. It’s not for everyone. But if you know my background story of going through an eating disorder and not eating enough and over exercising, then you may understand how big of a deal this is for me.

Even now, I still have days I struggle with body image and weight…and for me it’s something I will always have to learn to work through.

Since starting Crossfit in January, I have definitely gotten stronger and have been able to do things I didn’t think I would ever be able to do. I got 2 strict pull ups just the other day…my first back to back pull-ups!

Throughout my Crossfit journey so far, my weight has stayed about the same as it’s been for the last few years, but my body composition has changed some. While I have loved this, I also have always had a big fear of gaining weight and getting too big.

Thats my ultimate fear…weight gain. After so many years of trying to stay/get slim and fit, and it being embedded in my head to “be skinny”, it was always instant fear for me to gain weight.

What I Love about this template is that they push eating whole, non processed foods…which is best for everyone to follow, really. Something else I love about it, is they tell me about how much of protein, carbs and fats to have at each meal. I know there are some days I’m not eating enough to fuel me, or I know when I didn’t have enough carbs before a workout.

I’m always one to focus on healthy eating, and I think most people know that. But sometimes your girl has bad days, or weeks, where I feel my nutrition is completely off track and I genuinely get down about it.

Since I am passionate about Crossfit and want to be a better athlete, I am really wanting to dial in my nutrition more…not just for my health, but performance as well. Of course, I’m going to be keeping my balance in there because I do enjoy pizza, ice cream, burgers, etc. ❤️

If you signed up to receive weekly emails from me (on the right side on my home page), then you know this last week I sent an email out explaining how I don’t like the word “diet”, and now no one diet fits all.

You must do what is right for YOU. Everyone is on a different journey with their health and fitness. For me, I am at a place I want to continue to get stronger. I’m not obsessed with being skinny like I used to be. I’m focused on being healthy and the best version of ME possible.

Lets face it, this girl needs help with her food too sometimes! I am human just like you. I love helping people with food and fitness, but the trainer needs training too!

Thats what I want to get across to you today. I don’t want you to think, “I can’t believe she’s following a diet”, or think, “she’s telling us no diet fits all but she’s following this”…

I will be eating healthy, staying balanced, and working on ME. Now, I want you to focus on being the best version of YOU possible. 😊

Mayhem on the Mountain (My First Crossfit Competition)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I wanted this post out yesterday, but after being gone all day Saturday and Sunday, I just didn’t feel up for having it done by then!

This past weekend I competed in my first ever Crossfit competition.

Mayhem on the Mountain, done at Oak Mountain State Park, has been going on for 4 years now, and this year was the biggest yet!

Saturday was all individual events, so that meant Austin and his brother Sawyer completed, while Sunday was all teams, which meant my team—me and 3 other wonderful ladies from the gym—competed throughout the day.

Here’s a recap of the weekend!

Day 1

We were up and at ‘em Saturday for Austin and his younger brother, Sawyer, to compete. They were competing in the Men’s Scaled Individual division.

First up was a WOD called “Midline Assault”. It included the assault bike, burpee box overs, kettlebell swings, deadlifts, and sit ups.

They all started and ended on the bike, and Austin was really pushing it at the end, despite being tired. He did great!

We had several from the gym come in support on the individual day! Haley and I cheered on from the side while her boyfriend tried to get some pictures!

Along with cheering Austin and Sawyer on, Lauren and I were getting an idea of what Sunday was going to be like, since we are on each other’s team.

In between their first and second event, we checked out the vendors they had set up. I told myself I would only get one pair of new shorts…I ended up getting 2 shorts and 2 workout tanks! Oops…

Workout 2 was called “Risky Business”. They both started off with a complex…Sawyer hit a PR and Austin got to 255!

After that, they had to swim, jump rope, row, and do knee ups (all of which my team knew we had to do the next day, be it set up differently). Austin did great on this one!

The last one was “Ladies Night”, full of clean + jerks, dumbbell thrusters, and dumbbell burpee deadlifts. They both did great! Overall Austin got 5th and Sawyer got 7th. Out of 18 others, I’d say that’s great!

Day 2

(Photo: Casey Marie photography )

Sunday was my team’s, 4 Snatches No Jerks, day to go! We were going early to register and be ready, because our first workout was at 8:30!

First up, “Ladies Night”. We were worried about this one because there was only an 18 minute time cap to get it done, and the couple times we practiced this workout, we didn’t get it done under the time cap. 

( photo: Casey Marie Photography )

In this one, 2 of us had to hang from the bar while the other two complete 30 clean + jerks. Lauren and I held the. whole. time! We weren’t able to do that before Sunday.

( photo: Casey Marie Photography )

After the clean + jerks, Lauren and I had to hold the barbell in front rack/squat position while Michele and Lauren did the dumbbell thrusters and dumbbell burpee deadlifts! Once completed, we swapped places and did it all over.

We did it right under 18 minutes and we were so excited!!

Since an almond milk caramel macchiato was all that fueled me for the first workout, I ate a banan with peanut butter, a baby food pouch of mango and pumpkin, and a little ham roll up Lauren brought. Time to rest and re-fuel!

( bike photos: Casey Marie Photography)

Next up at 11 was our second workout, “midline assault”. Michelle and I started out taking turn on the assault bike while robin and Lauren completed deadlifts, kettlebell swings, burpee box overs, and sit-ups (down and back), then they tagged up and Michelle and I went out to complete those moves.


( photo: Casey Marie Photography)

40 deadlifts, then 30 kettlebell swings.

( photo: Casey Marie Photography)

Then it was on to 20 burpee box overs and 40 sit-ups.

Whatever time was left we took turns on the bike for calories until time was up.

After cooling off and coming back down, I drank some coconut water and decided to eat a little more than random snacks before our last workout. I grabbed a little chicken, a little pork, and s sweet potato from the MealFit booth!

The pineapple flavor coconut water is my favorite!

In between we got to relax more and I got to see this pretty lady and her team do one of the workouts. They did fabulous! (Psst, they got first!)

I love my gym family and love how many of us were out at Oak Mountain competing and/or cheering!

Before you knew it, it was time for our last workout, “risky business”. We started with the same complex as Austin and Sawyer did Saturday, with 8 minutes to find a one rep max.

Leading up to Sunday, I’ve been unable to hit #100 on the complex. One part of it kept giving me trouble. We had to do 1 power clean, 1 hang clean (the hardest for me), 1 squat clean, and had to get it overhead somehow…which I ended up jerking it.

I ended up getting #100 and it didn’t feel bad at all!! I had thought about going #105, but we ran out of time. The rest of the workout was a mix between a swim, rowing, jump rope, hanging knee raises and alternating dumbbell snatches. We were exhausted by the end of that workout since we’d been there almost all day!

Me, amber, Austin, and some others cheered on our gym’s other teams while we waited to see what place we came in.

We sat in first all day,  it due to a team playing unfairly, we had to do a tie break at the last minute. We were all a little mad because it was handed poorly and they just threw it at us, without breaking anything down.

We ended up losing the tie breaker, but still got 2nd place and podiumed!

Im so proud of my team and all we accomplished in this competition! For my first competition ever, I’m glad to have done this one with this group of girls! 🙂

Each Day is a New Beginning

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you were able to get some rest this weekend and enjoy the sun we had, even though it was quite hot!

Today I want to talk about something I struggle with and I know that others do too:

Letting things from your past affect your present.

Whether it something that happened 2 years ago, 2 months, or yesterday, we often times continue to carry something from our past with us and let it affect our present. Big or small, minor or major, we just tend to hold to things more than we should.

I can drop things and move on quickly depending on the situation.

For example, my divorce was with me for a little while and I let it get me down…mainly because, even though I wanted it to be done with anyway, I was embarrassed that I let it get to 2 months before it got so bad that I told myself i should have stopped it before it happened.

I quickly realized how much weight was off my shoulder, how much better I already felt, and I had grown hope for the future. It made me stronger to be honest. Everything happens for a reason, and God doesn’t take you through something you can’t handle.

I have never been so happy in my life right now. It’s been so so long since I’ve been genuinely happy in all areas. I have true love, amazing friendships, and I’m doing what I love for a job.

For me, that was my big thing, but I also let smaller things drag me down and I will carry it into the next day sometimes. A recent example: I’ve been working on movements and workouts for a Crossfit competition me and a few friends are doing as a team. I am SO excited to be a part of it, but I’ve been getting super down and frustrated because I’m not hitting certain numbers like I am hoping I’d already be hitting.

When I get frustrated or down in the gym, I just want to give up and not try anymore. I always want to push myself in the gym to be better and stronger, but sometimes I have those days I want to not try anymore. I know that mentality isn’t going to get me anywhere, and I’ve been told that before.

I have to constantly remind myself how far I’ve come since starting Crossfit. I have only been doing this since January, and just since then I have come so far. All my other teammates on my team have been doing this longer so they have more under their belt. Yea, it makes me feel as if I am out of place from time to time, but they are all so encouraging and motivating!

Its the encouragement and motivation I receive from Austin and my friends that help me to keep moving on the next day. I have to push what I did yesterday out of the way and not dwell on what I couldn’t do.

Austin is full of great quotes and encouragement! Lol But what he told me last night really helped.

I think this quote/advice from Austin can go along with any area in life.

You can apply this to getting a job, job promotion, nailing a recipe, a song, or an exercise in the gym. Just move along the next day, for every day is a fresh start. Don’t let your past, your yesterday, affect your today.