Total Body Blast

Happy Sunday!

Fall is finally here in Alabama! 🍁🍁 Although we have a couple of warmer days at the start of the week, we are starting to stick to the cooler temps!

Today im sharing with you another workout that gets your whole body worked: legs, arms, core, and even gets your heart rate up with bursts of cardio!

This is another good workout you can do almost anywhere, and all you need is a pair of dumbbells.

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**Do each circuit 2-3 times through, with 1 min rest in between.**

**CIRCUIT #1**

Lunge Passunders

Starting in a standing position, lunge forward, passing a dumbbell under your leg to you other hand.

Come back to standing position, lunge forward with other leg, and pass dumbbell back under.

Arnold Press

Starting with both dumbbells in front, rotate arms out to the side, keeping elbows bent at 90 degrees. From there, press dumbbells straight up above head. Bring dumbbells back down, and rotate arms back in to starting position.


Starting in a pushup position, bring one leg up toward your elbow on the same side. Take leg back to start and repeat on other side.

—> Cardio Burst: 30 seconds Jumping Jacks

**CIRCUIT #2**

Narrow Squat to Calf Raise

Standing with feet together, come down into a narrow squat. Coming back up, stand straight into a calf raise. Repeat.

Double Curl

Starting with dumbbells together, come up into a hammer curl. Once back down, rotate out to the side, and come up into a wide curl. Each curl counts as 1 repetition.

Russian Twists

Starting in a seated position, with ankles crossed, lean back some and rotate/twist the dumbbell from one side to the other, focusing on aiming for the hips.

—> Cardio Burst: 30 seconds butt kicks

**Circuit #3**


Starting in a standing position with dumbbells in front of you, hinge forward until dumbbells get just at or below your knees. Stand back up, keeping back flat. Repeat.

Overhead Tricep Extension

Starting with either one or both dumbbells above your head, use only elbows to bend and bring weight back behind your head. Raise back up to starting position.

-Leg Lowers

Lying flat on your back, with hand underneath tailbone for support, take both legs from the “up” position, and lower down almost to the floor. Lift your legs back up before they completely hit the floor…you want to keep core engaged the whole time.

—> Cardio Burst: 30 seconds Toe Taps (use dumbbell…or a step) to tap.

This workout will take you a little longer than 15-20 minutes, but if you’re in need of a shorter workout, and one that requires NO equipment, check out this Tabata Workout that focuses on legs and cardio.

I plan to post more Short, HIIT workouts that will focus on other body parts too, so check out those soon!

Questions for you?

Do you plan to try this workout? If so, let me know how it goes?

Are you a gym person or do you prefer to workout at home?

Let’s Breakdown Our Health

Happy Humpday everyone!

What a week it has been already…

As many may know, my boyfriend’s (Austin) dad has been in the hospital. What started out as double pneaumonia turned into needing triple bypass surgery.

So I’ve been helping out, running back and forth to hospital, work stuff in between, and trying to fit in more packing for the move Saturday.

Needles to say, a lot of us are physcially, emotionally, and mentally tired.

This got me thinking about the breakdown of our health.

We have 3 main categories of health:

– Physical



1. Physical Health 

Our physical health is basically the function of our bodies. It’s our everyday activities, our fitness, and how well our body runs both inside and out.

In a lot of cases, we think we are doing fine, but sometimes there’s a curveball thrown that makes you realize how important our physical health is. You can eat right and exercise, but you still run the risk of getting something or something happening to you. In some instances, it’s genetics and you can’t do anything about it.

Austin’s dad just went in for pneumonia, not realizing what condition his heart was in. But, if it wasn’t for the pneumonia, his heart would have just gotten worse.

It’s still vital for us to eat well and exercise…all while finding a balance. It’s so important for us to take care of ourselves the best we can! Some people may poke fun at me for how I eat sometimes, but there’s a reason I eat the way I do (And yes…I still enjoy pizza and burgers) 😀

2. Mental Health

Our mental health is our psychological + emotional well being. When we have a lot of things going on, when we have stress at work or at home, and you go-go-go a hundred miles and hour, it takes a toll on us mentally…especially with our emotions.

Clear, mental health can be viewed as happy, content, and at peace with where you are. It’s a good place to be in and a place we should all strive to be in.

When you have other things going on, whether it’s work related, family/relationships, health problems, or all of the above, we eventually get to the point of pure exhaustion and have a breakdown.

Some people hold it together really well, but I know for me after a period of time, after bottling it up for so long, I just have to have a good cry session and let things out. That’s good for us too, you know!

3. Spiritual Health 

Our spiritual health, to me, is just as important as the others.


Because with God, all things our possible. He is our source of strength and guidance. He knows what’s best for us. He is our healer. He is always by our side.

I can go on and on with this one. I have to put my faith and trust in Him when things start to pile up in life…or when those lemons are thrown at me. 

Evaluate these areas in your life.

-Are you feeling run down?

-Do you feel like you can never catch a break?

-Do you have days you feel like you have no hope or don’t know who to turn to?

More than just physical, being healthy overall includes our mental/emotional, and spiritual health as well.

Tuesday Thoughts #2

Happy Tuesday and welcome to “Tuesday Thoughts” number 2!

Yesterday I opened up about a fear of mine I am about to take head on. If you missed it, you can read about it here.

I had intentions of starting and following the template yesterday, but a couple things came up, left me in a “tizzy”, and the food I had ready to go with me ended up being left at home. So, I was left to find food while I was out and it may have been a little off.

This is why if you FAIL to PLAN, you PLAN to FAIL. I should’ve kept the food I had prepped for me, but because my emotions were all over the place, I purposely left them.

So….we are back on it today!

Tuesday Thoughts #2

1. I am convinced that besides the power of prayer and God to give you calmness and peace, Stress Away is the next best thing.

I love my oils!

2. I realize I have a slight obsession with fun socks from Target…

I found these fun fall socks at Target yesterday. They were only $2 so I had to snag them!

3. The sermon from Church this Sunday was something I needed to hear.

I went to Church of the Highlands again Sunday with my friend Lauren, and the pastor was wrapping up his series on Prayer. This past Sunday he talked on the names on God, and who He is for us. I absolutely loved being reminded of how many roles God plays in our lives:


-Constant Companion




What a beautiful name it is! So many names in one.

4. God takes us through situations we don’t always understand why, but He has a reason for it, and in HIS time, He makes a way for us to get through it…and in a lot of cases, stronger, happier, and more confident in our faith and who we are.

5. I move in a short weeks and I really got to start packing!!

I really only have one tote packed of clothes…all my fall and winter stuff. My Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving tote is packed, my Christmas tote is still packed, so all that’s left is kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, furniture, Knick knacks…basically everything else! Haha I’ll be busy!

6. Life is what it is sometimes, but I sure am thankful for the people in it: family, gym family, friends, great clients, and of course a guy who loves me for me. <3 

Tabata Tuesday: Legs + Cardio

Haooy Tuesday folks, and welcome to another blog post!

Every Tuesday (or two) I want to do a Tabata Tuesday post for you. I know a lot of us stay super busy day to day, and sometimes things come up that may hinder our fitness routine.

So, what is Tabata??

Tabata: a style of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) that usually last around 4 minutes. It requires you to work for 20 seconds and have 10 seconds to rest.

This a GREAT way to keep your heart rate up, get a great workout in, and not use up a lot of your time. You don’t even need equipment!

Today I am giving you 2 tabata workouts that you can do back to back, for a great workout in under 10 minutes, or you can split these up however you like. No equipment is required!

**Tabata #1: CARDIO**

-Set Tabata Timer (Cheap + free apps available) or watch your clock. 

-Do 8 rounds of 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, alternating between 2 moves given. (Total this should be no more than 4 minutes) 

1. Burpees

Begin in a an upright position. From here, move into a squat position (pic 2) with your hands on the ground. Kick your feet back into a plank position, and bring your whole body to the ground.(pic 3)
Immediately return your feet into squat position, and stand or jump up.

2. High Knees

Stand up straight and place your feet about hip-width apart.
Quickly drive your right knee up to meet your hand, then switch and immediately bring the left knee coming up to meet your left hand.
As you are alternating knees, you want to do it with a hopping motion, staying on the balls of your feet the whole time.

**Tabata #2: LEGS**

1. Single Leg Lunges

Start in an upright position, with one leg out in front, and the other leg slightly behind you. Lower your legs into a lunge, keeping 90 degrees, and stand back up to starting position.

Each time you come to this move, swap legs!

2. Sumo Squat Pulse Jumps

Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder width apart and slightly turned out, arms resting To your side or on your hips.
Bend your knees and plié, pulsing and keeping low for 3 counts. Then, jump up explosively, keeping your core engaged. Land with control, lowering your body back into the squat position with pulses.


If if you give this a try, let me know!

Remember, you can modify these moves if you need. Take out any jumps if you have knee issues too! 👍🏻

Thankful for Family + Health

Happy Monday everyone!

i hope you had a wonderful weekend! We are finally into August, which means one thing for me…it’s closet to FALL!! 😀

I am planning some great fall posts, so get ready soon!

This weekend was full of workouts, good eats, and being thankful for family and health.

Last Tuesday night, as many of you may know, we had to call the ambulance for my Dad. He sat up on the side of the couch, said he wasn’t feeling well, and passed out. This was very unusual for him and the ambulance took him on to the hospital.

For 2 days they ran tests on him to rule out all they could. We found out he has a couple of blockages in his heart, one—I know— that was around 60%. What the doctors told us, though, was that they weren’t for sure exactly why he passed out.

After all the tests, they sent him home with an adjustment in his meds, and for him to come back the next week to get a heart monitor. He will go this week to get it and will wear it 30 days.

Mom said the other day she thinks God was giving us a warning about his heart. We had no idea he had that going on. It could have been a lot worse. I truly think it was God letting us know what was going on. Even though we had to take him to the ER and I had to see him in the bed a couple days (I don’t always do well in hospitals), it’s a blessing it wasn’t anything worse. God has a way of showing us things we need to know, even if it comes in more of a wake up call.

We were all glad to have him back home Thursday night. I know he was ready to come back home. He kept saying how bored he was! Haha

I am so thankful for my family, friends, and even more grateful my Dad didn’t go through anything worse.

You don’t always realize how grateful and blessed you are with friends, family, and health until something happens. I think we take it for granted too often.

There are people in my life I love and care for so much. Be sure you tell those important to you how much you love them! You never know when things are going to happen.

Everyday is a gift from the Lord!

Each Day is a New Beginning

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you were able to get some rest this weekend and enjoy the sun we had, even though it was quite hot!

Today I want to talk about something I struggle with and I know that others do too:

Letting things from your past affect your present.

Whether it something that happened 2 years ago, 2 months, or yesterday, we often times continue to carry something from our past with us and let it affect our present. Big or small, minor or major, we just tend to hold to things more than we should.

I can drop things and move on quickly depending on the situation.

For example, my divorce was with me for a little while and I let it get me down…mainly because, even though I wanted it to be done with anyway, I was embarrassed that I let it get to 2 months before it got so bad that I told myself i should have stopped it before it happened.

I quickly realized how much weight was off my shoulder, how much better I already felt, and I had grown hope for the future. It made me stronger to be honest. Everything happens for a reason, and God doesn’t take you through something you can’t handle.

I have never been so happy in my life right now. It’s been so so long since I’ve been genuinely happy in all areas. I have true love, amazing friendships, and I’m doing what I love for a job.

For me, that was my big thing, but I also let smaller things drag me down and I will carry it into the next day sometimes. A recent example: I’ve been working on movements and workouts for a Crossfit competition me and a few friends are doing as a team. I am SO excited to be a part of it, but I’ve been getting super down and frustrated because I’m not hitting certain numbers like I am hoping I’d already be hitting.

When I get frustrated or down in the gym, I just want to give up and not try anymore. I always want to push myself in the gym to be better and stronger, but sometimes I have those days I want to not try anymore. I know that mentality isn’t going to get me anywhere, and I’ve been told that before.

I have to constantly remind myself how far I’ve come since starting Crossfit. I have only been doing this since January, and just since then I have come so far. All my other teammates on my team have been doing this longer so they have more under their belt. Yea, it makes me feel as if I am out of place from time to time, but they are all so encouraging and motivating!

Its the encouragement and motivation I receive from Austin and my friends that help me to keep moving on the next day. I have to push what I did yesterday out of the way and not dwell on what I couldn’t do.

Austin is full of great quotes and encouragement! Lol But what he told me last night really helped.

I think this quote/advice from Austin can go along with any area in life.

You can apply this to getting a job, job promotion, nailing a recipe, a song, or an exercise in the gym. Just move along the next day, for every day is a fresh start. Don’t let your past, your yesterday, affect your today.

Coffee Talk with Emily

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Todays post is a little different, but something I want to do every now and then.

Coffee Talk with Emily 

If we were having coffee…

-I’d tell you I am more happy now than I’ve been in a long long time.😁

-Id share how blessed beyond measure I am to be doing what I love with such a great group of people! ( HomeFit Consulting )🏋🏻‍♀️

-I’ll explain how I’ve been trying to do better with styling my non fitness outfits, and when it comes to  pictures, have a lot to learn about posing! 💃🏻

-I’d say how much I am learning about myself lately, and that I’m stronger than I met myself believe (physically, emotionally, and mentally)💪🏻

-I’d tell you how excited I am that warmer weather is finally here, even though fall is my favorite season.🍁

-I’d end with telling you to be more present in the now each and everyday. We worry too much on the future, what we need to do, what are plans are. Be more mindful of the NOW. 😊

What’s in my Work/Gym Bag?

As many of you know, I am a personal trainer that travels to people’s houses. In my “going on” 6 years of training, I have mainly worked at gyms.

Finding HomeFit Consulting has been not only a blessing but the best training job I have ever had. I love what I do, and being able to go to people to help them with their needs, wants, and goals, is a dream!

(Be sure to click the link above if you want to learn more information. We also just launched our Fitness 2 Go, perfect for if you are constantly busy or traveling!)

As a traveling trainer, some/most days, you are out and about, traveling from one spot to another, and you are on the road a good bit. Although it took me a hot minute to learn, I finally found me the perfect work bag that can also go as a gym bag. Some days I am going straight from a client to the gym in the afternoons, so it’s great to have a good bag and have it full of all the necessities.

Today, I am sharing with you what you will typically find in my work/gym bag.

Some days I will have some clothes or my new grips in my bag for the gym, and other days it’s just in the seat of my car. What I am sharing today are the things I like to keep in my bag day in and day out.

As a traveling trainer, I travel with my fitness equipment for clients. Some clients have equipment and I may not need to carry much inside their homes, but I always have things on me. I like to throw some of my resistance bands in my bag (with no handles) to have convenient. I also use these to leave for some clients if I give them homework to do! 🙂

Another thing I keep is my measuring tape. With new clients and their initial session, I not only get to know the person and their goals, but I will take measurements too for a starting point. So i always keep this in my bag!

I’ve also learned to keep a snack in my bag, because you never know when hunger strikes! I don’t always remember or am prepared with bringing my own lunch if I know I will need it, so having a good snack option or two is key to healthier options while traveling.

I like to keep some essential toiletries, if you will, in my bag: deodorant, face wipes, and freshening wipes (These from Kleenex brand are great!). Whether or not I am coming from a workout, it’s been a long day, a hot day, or I just feel gross, I love to have these things on hand in case I need them. You can never go wrong with these basics.

Some other little things I like to have in my bag: Aleve medicine, small bottle of scope, lip balm, neosporin, a hair brush, chewing gum/mints, and a small bottle of hand sanitizer for after I train people.


My day to day planner, a lint roller, an extra headband, bobby pins, and my earphones, are all other items normally in my bag.


I’ll end all this talking a little about the bag I use. I got this from Fabletics (post coming soon on them!). I came across it, wanting a good quality bag, but nothing too big or bulky. I wanted something casual + sleek, and this popped out at me. It’s got 2 straps on the back to be used as a backpack. These are handy when I am carrying in equipment and need my bag with me. It’s also got a few extra compartments and storage spots I love for the little things I keep in my bag.

I find all the items listed above are things that work for me, are useful, practical, and keeps me prepared.

Questions for you!

-Do you have a work or gym bag you always have?

-If so, what is one or two items that are a MUST have at all times?