Users Guide To: Shopkick

How would you like to be out shopping and earn points that in turn can get you gift cards to some of your favorite stores or restaurants?

How would you feel if I said you could earn points and ultimately not have to purchase anything?

Well, you can, with the app Shopkick!

All Images below are screenshots from the app on my phone. 

Shopkick is an app for your phone that allows to earn points to add up to a total where you can redeem a gift card to store or restaurant you love.

There are a few ways they let you earn points:

-Walk-in points

-Scanning points

-Receipt/Purchase points

-Online purchase points

You can search through their numerous store options to find a store you are wanting/needing to go into. There’s everything from Walmart, Target, Piggly Wiggly, CVS and Walgreens, to TJ Maxx, Kohl’s, Circkle K, and even Family Dollar.

You can click and choose which gift card you want, choosing between many options of stores and restaurants. You then choose one of the amount choices they give you, and from there it tells you how many points you will need in order to get it!


Once you find your store and pick out your gift card, it will show how many point earning options there are at that location.  Not all stores will offer walk In points,  but most offer scanning and receipts.

Walk in Points 

You easily can earn points just by walking into a store! All you have to do is be sure your Bluetooth is on and app is open.

Sometimes it will pick you up in the parking lot! It’s an easy way to get 15-20 points!

Scanning Points 

Another great way to earn point is by simply scanning items! It’s not necessary to purchase them, so you could just walk around scanning items, earning points, and not spend a penny!

Each store will have categories of items that you can scan. Each item will say how many points you will get, along with how many points if you end up purchasing too.

Items will not always be the same. For example, these diapers are a steal for moms and a great way to help rack up points.

Have pets? Be sure to check out different stores for items for cats or dogs: cat litter, dog food, treats, etc.

School is starting in just a couple weeks too, so be on the lookout for some items and/or food that you can snag up in time for the kids, earning you more points!

Receipt/Purchase Points 

Another great option besides points for scanning, are points for items listed that are purchased! Next to where it shows points for certain items, next to that will be points you will earn if you end up buying an item listed. See something you need? Scan and buy and rack up!

Some stores will have a “link card” option. For example, I can link my card under the TJ Maxx option in the app, and anytime I make a purchase, it picks that up and I get points! As most ladies will know, this is SO dangerous at a place like TJ Maxx! They don’t have any scan options, but you can see the walk In points are higher!

Online Purchase Points 

They also give you points when you make an online purchase through stores listed. Most offer you so many points per every $1 spent. Which is easy to do! You have to click on the store through the app or you won’t get credited the points. Even Etsy is on the list for online shopping! What great ideas!

I love love love this app and what they have to offer! My first gift card was a $5 Starbucks card, but this time I’m going bigger with a $50 Walmart gift card! I’m thinking groceries?

Thanks to Austin and his mom for introducing me to this app.

If you try this out let me know what you think, and comment below on what gift card you are aiming for! 🙂