Thursday’s Eats + Seinfield Laughs

Happy Fri-YAY everyone!

Another week is this new year has come and almost gone, can you believe it? It shows just how fast time goes by and how precious time is.

I thought for today I would share with you what all I ate yesterday, plus mine and Matt’s outing last night, which was his b-day present from October. ūüôā

Starting off yesterday morning, I had my typical coffee before I headed out to train my first client.

I found this amazing dairy-free creamer (like half and half) on amazon and it does not disappoint! You can find it here.

By the time I got back I was so hungry, so I heated up a couple of my egg cups (one was already eaten here…) and had a slice of toast with peanut butter on the side.

I headed back out to my other client for the day, came back and played through a few piano songs and was already hungry for lunch, but nothing too heavy. I opted for a green smoothie.

This is one I have been stuck on lately: banana, mango chunks, almond milk, spinach, and protein powder. I even had more smoothie than this after I poured it. It hit the spot.

I did some blogging for this post while listening to a sermon by Britt Merrick (search him on youtube…he is great!) and drinking my smoothie.

I did some more work (not exciting) and got a couple things done around the apartment before Matt got home for the night’s outing. I had a couple more egg muffins as a snack, mainly because there wasn’t a lot of snack options I was wanting, but they were still good.

For Matt’s birthday, I bought Jerry Seinfield tickets. He¬†loves¬†comedy, and has always watched¬†Seinfield¬†on tv, so I knew it would be a great gift and something fun for us to do! I thought I’d compare pictures of how a lot of people see him (from his tv show) to how he looks now.

Waiting for the doors to open to get to our seats..the wait for the doors to open seemed like it lasted forever. Can we go in yet?

We weren’t allowed to take any pictures of videos during the show, but I did get a picture of the stage, haha. Jerry Seinfield was right there, in close proximity to us!

The show was fantastic and we were laughing the whole time! He just flows so well from one joke to another and it was so entertaining. When he was done, I was sad it ended. It felt like it wasn’t long enough!

After the show, we stopped by On Tap Sports Cafe to grab a late dinner.

Matt got a classic burger with fries, and I was in the mood for some chicken fingers. Their honey mustard was pretty good too!

We were pooped by the time we got back, so we headed to bed.

I would love to go out to more comedy shows. I love to laugh and when a comedian can do that the whole show, you know they are good!

Questions for you:

Do you listen to comedians? If so, which one is your favorite?

What is something that makes you laugh: movie (Anchorman!), book, show 

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