Does Fitness Make You Happy?

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Does Fitness Make You Happy??

Here we are at the first part of a new year, and a lot of people makes goals to start exercising, get back into exercising or try out the latest workout class or trendy gym that everyone is going to.

Some people will get burned out, and some people won’t. They key to keeping up with any fitness routine is to ENJOY it! If it’s something you don’t like doing…guess what? Don’t do it!! Find something you love to do. Nobody wants fitness to feel like a chore.

I’ve tried all kind of things when it comes to a fitness routine. Above is a picture when running was the majority of my fitness. I picked up running in college and just about everyday I would run or even go to a spin class. I loved both, don’t get me wrong, but I also did it so much that I started burning out on it and craved something different in my routine.

I do still run, but over the last year it’s more of when I feel like running. Matt and I have ran a couple runs together and it is so much fun. We actually plan on training for another half marathon together in November!

I love to mix up my routine. For me, it’s not a one size fits all. I’ve been there and done that, and all it left me was either with burnout or just feeling bad that I wasn’t doing other things I knew I enjoyed.

I enjoy running, playing tennis, hiking, biking, strength training, and even yoga.

For me, it’s what works. I want to do what makes me feel good and something I am happy with. I love doing all of these with Matt too, when I can. It’s fun to have someone else that loves fitness as you do. I also have goals, yes, since Matt and I are wanting to pick back up with running, but I want to still do other things I enjoy.

So if you are looking into starting a routine, getting back into fitness, or wanting to change it up, then try some different things, see what you love, and DO it!

Fitness shouldn’t be a chore. It should be fun, make you happy, and leave you feeling good about yourself!


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