Tuesday Happenings + a Vegetable Beef Soup Recipe

Hello everyone and Happy 2018!

I hope everyone had a wonderful time during the holidays with loved ones and family. I can’t believe a brand new year is here!

I thought I would share a Tuesday recap with you guys to kick off 2018. Matt and I spent the 1st day of January just relaxing and staying inside….it was COLD!

He also took a paid day off yesterday so we could spend more time together since I don’t start back with my clients until today.

I started off my morning with a protein waffle. 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 egg, and almond milk to get to the right consistency. I topped it with banana slices and a little peanut butter.

I also started on my first book for 2018. I’m going to aim for a book a month. I have always loved reading and really miss it. This book is Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith (but really J.K. Rowling). It’s a murder mystery book that already has left me not wanting to put it down! I’ll do a full review when I’m done.

Matt and I enjoyed the morning together drinking our coffee and closer to lunch we decided to go to our apartment gym to workout.


(Matt likes to wear this altitude training mask when he works our and/or runs…it’s tough!)

Matt went through several moves, but one he loves is push-ups. This is actually a great all over move and you don’t even need weights. The picture below is a wider push-up, getting more of your chest, back, shoulders, etc.

This close grip/diamond push-up focuses a little more on getting the triceps involved.

I focused more of back, biceps, and a little HIIT thrown in there for legs and abs.

The above move I did is a plank row. Start in plank, keeping feet a little wider apart, and pull up one dumbbell at a time to target back. Try to keep hips as straight as possible, activating your core too.

Another move I did was this wide dumbbell curl. You keep arms wide and perform a normal curl motion.

It was a great workout that left us both tired but happy we did it. We then compared our shoe sizes while cooling off. Mine are a 7.5 and his are a 10! Thanks to his wonderful mother for these shoes that were our Christmas presents!

We spent the afternoon running a couple of errands and relaxing, and I was excited about dinner!

Mid-afternoon I started on dinner in the crockpot: Vegetable Beef Soup

I knew I had all the ingredients to throw a meal like this together, that wasn’t a lot of prepping.

Here’s What I used:

-1 pound ground beef

-1/2 chopped/diced sweet onion

-1 1/2 to 2 cups vegetable broth

-1 bag frozen vegetable blend (your choice on what you want)

-1 1/2 chopped sweet potato (I added this after I started cooking)

I started off cooking the onions in a skillet, and cooked the hamburger meat almost all the way. I knew the crockpot would finish up cooking the meat.

I then added everything to the crockpot and cooked it on LOW around 3 hours and it was done!

We both enjoyed a bowl of this while watching Anchorman. This was my FIRST time seeing this all the way through and oh my goodness, I was laughing the whole movie! This is now in my top faves!

I ended the night with a bowl of cereal (Vanilla Chex and a few fruit loops!) Who else loves to mix cereals?

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day, and I will catch you soon!

Questions for you:

-What’s your favorite night time snack? 

-What’s one movie that always keeps you laughing? 

-Do you have a favorite Crockpot recipe you can’t live without?

I’d love to hear your answers!!!

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