Gingerbread Houses + a Day Date

Hello all!

It’s been a minute, and as you can see, blogmas did not last long… There was a lot more to it that I anticipated, so next year I will be more prepared with Blogmas and it will be great!

–> Also…can you believe Christmas is less than a week away?? Like, where did the time go?

I have settled on a new and final logo that I am loving much more than what I had before. What do you guys think about it?

This weekend Matt and I were able to keep little Matthew overnight. We built a fort/tent, played with trucks, cars, and his new batman toy (which can be found here) and we decided to build a gingerbread house!

Walmart had a train option as well, but Matthew decided on the house.

The kit was very easy to follow, and came with a little tray for easier assembly (or a better foundation). Matthew had a blast decorating it, even though he wanted to play in the decoration or eat them, but it was fun experiencing this with him.

It’s not too late to grab a gingerbread house kit yourself if you are wanting to make one with your kid/kids or friends! It’s also under $10, so very affordable!

Matt and I also went on a day date this weekend. It was much needed and fun to get out and do something. We decided on bowling and wings!

Brunswick Lanes on 280 has been around for years. I remember having one of my birthday parties there, complete with cosmic bowling and taking home a bowling pin.

Early afternoon is a great time to go because it is usually not as crowded, but then again, being Christmas season, there may not be as many to come bowl. Matt and I had a great time, despite me hitting a few gutterballs!

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the option to pay per hour, and we had to pay per game instead, but we played 3 good games and it was much needed to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Afterwards, we were hungry and went for a “lupper” (between lunch + dinner) at Buffalo Wild Wings. 

French fries at the bowling alley sounded good, but were a bit pricey for the amount you get, so we ordered some bacon cheese fries to go with our wings.

I got half hot and half bourbon honey mustard boneless wings, and Matt got all hot bbq boneless wings. I love anything spicy, but those honey mustard wings were delicious!

Day dates are just as fun to me as night time dates. It’s been gloomy and dreary lately, but getting out to do something like bowling felt good and it was a lot of fun!

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